This web site is not a blog, even though it's a collection of random pieces of text on different subjects. However, I prefer more structure to the pages than the continuous flow common to the blog.

I am, by profession, an evolutionary biologist and bioinformatician. I use computers in my research to address questions on the evolution of fungal pathogens on forest trees (mostly, but also some other systems). My interest in computer systems is also a hobby and reflected in what systems I use for my private computational and network needs. Read more about my work and research interests on my here.


Unix based computer systems have been my environment of choice during the last three decades. Starting off by installing Slackware using floppies thirty years ago, I have been using various unix flavours, including various Linux distributions, Sun Solaris, SGI Irix, BSD flavours and lately Apple MacOS. Both professionally, and as a hobby I have managed various Linux systems used for providing services in different contexts. System management has also included various aspects of network infrastructure. Currently I am responsible for managing a small HPC cluster at my work department at SLU.


Photography has always been important for me. The art of capturing what you see with a camera in a way that can convey the beauty to other people. My motifs of choice are usually found in nature.

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